Go Farther, with Arborite® AG

Increase your Nitrogen Use Effieciency with the Next Generate NBPT Urease Inhibitor Arborite®AG

Arborite AG helps keep valuable nitrogen in your crops’ soil by inhibiting the activity of the urease enzyme—thereby decreasing potential nitrogen loss from volatility.

Improved nitrogen availability helps maximize potential plant growth and crop yields from your nitrogen investment.

Arborite AG contains the active ingredient NBPT. Otherwise known as N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide, NBPT was identified as a urease inhibitor in the 1980s1 and has been one of the most effective inhibitors available in the last 25 years.2–5

What makes Arborite AG unique is its Nitrolock Technology, a patented, proprietary technology exclusively licensed to Gavilon Fertilizer. It dissolves the active ingredient NBPT into a patented solvent system that coats the urea granule—or mixes with urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) solutions—to protect against the loss of nitrogen in the form of ammonia gas, known as volatilization.

Arborite AG is available in 250 gallon totes or two 2.5-gallon jugs on shrink-wrapped pallets. For added convenience, it is also available pre-coated on Gavilon granular urea or UAN solution from one of our many warehouses located in North America.

The Arborite Advantage:

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Nitrogen Stabilizer –

a substance added to a fertilizer which extends the time the nitrogen component of the fertilizer remains in the soil in the (urea or) ammoniacal form. (Official 2001) Source: AAPFCO (Association of American Plant Food Control Officials)

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Urease Inhibitor –

a substance that inhibits hydrolytic action on urea by urease enzyme. When applied to soils, a urease inhibitor results in less urea nitrogen lost by ammonia volatilization (official 1997) Source: AAPFCO (Association of American Plant Food Control Officials)

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Offers application flexibility –

can be added to UAN solution as a tank mix, or dries within minutes of blending with urea.

Go farther with Arborite® AG.

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Nitrolock Technology Key Features and Benefits

  1. Right Rate (2-3qts/st UREA and 1.5qts/st UAN for 14-28 day protection)

  2. Right Source (NBPT active ingredient – APPFCO defined)

  3. Right Place (when surface applying urea or UAN)

  4. Right Time (when 3-14 day rainfall is unpredictable)

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Supporting Research

Extensive field research on the urease inhibiting properties of NBPT and Arborite®AG have been carried out by universities in the USA and globally. Please ask your microSource sales representative for data regarding your specific region.


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For Gavilon pre-treated urea or UAN solution, also known as N-Crease™, please contact your local Gavilon Fertilizer sales representative or your local dealer.